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Strategies to Help You Get a Home Mortgage


You’ve heard it’s tough getting a home mortgage today, and that’s true. However, the formula for getting approval isn’t too difficult to understand and there are strategies to help you eventually get a home mortgage eventually. You just have to follow the same guidelines that the mortgage brokers will use to determine your creditworthiness to decide whether it’s time to apply for a mortgage. Even if you are turned down, what you learn from the experience will eventually help you qualify later. And, as the credit market eases in panic, you may even find yourself in a great position to buy a low-priced, quality, home with just the right qualifications the lenders are looking for in a borrower.

Your Credit Reports

If you haven’t checked your credit reports in years, do so before you apply for a home mortgage. There are three major credit bureaus that you will need to ask for a copy of your credit report: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. You will need to ask for a copy from each of these credit bureaus, as the information is not common between all of them. Some may have entries that others don’t and the key is to clear up all your credit reports so that your credit is sparkling clean by the time you apply for a home mortgage.

Once you receive your credit reports, check out any inconsistencies on it that might be disputed and then dispute them. You won’t get your actual FICO score when you get a free credit report, for that you have to pay. This is actually well worth paying for as the new FICO score that lenders are looking for is anything above 720. The higher your score about this number, the more leverage you have for scoring a low interest rate and favorable home mortgage terms.

Seek Home Ownership Programs

If you aren’t able to qualify for a loan right now there are agencies set up to help low-income people qualify for a home by educating them on the entire process. You will want to check out if you are eligible to participate in any home mortgage and ownership classes to help you resolve issues way ahead of time. Places to find such programs include the Department of Housing and Urban Development and your state’s Housing Finance Agency. Also check out your local yellow pages, but be aware to check the credential of any program with the state agencies so that you don’t end up being defrauded. Other issues that can be discussed in these programs are your income level, your level of debt, and your reasons for buying a home.

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