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Fixed rate mortgage loan rates vary from lender to lender. Mortgage companies can help you find the best fixed rate mortgage loan rates that the lenders in their networks have to offer. It is up to you, the consumer, to shop for the best product, which is the loan with the best fixed mortgage loan rates. Lenders have a little leeway when it comes to negotiating to a lower mortgage rate; however there are a few factors that may influence the lender to offer a lower rate or not.

You should have a pristine credit rating before you ask for a loan. A poor credit rating could mean that you are a risk, and you might have to pay more interest for the lender to take a risk on you. Before you apply for a loan check with the credit bureaus and check your credit history for errors. If errors exist you will need to address this problem right away and get the misinformation removed from your credit history. If your credit is less than perfect you need to take the time to clean it up before applying for a loan.

While you are searching for fixed rate mortgage loan rates you can use the mortgage calculators that are online to work out your monthly payments. The payments may not be exact, but they will be an approximate of what you will be paying on your new mortgage loan. Fixed rate mortgage loan rates stay the same for the duration of the loan contract, and your payment never changes. The fixed rate mortgage loan rates differ slightly from the shorter loans, as with the 15 year loan, in comparison to the longer 30 year loan. The interest paid into the 30 year loan will amount to slightly more than the principal amount borrowed, whereas the 15 year loan’s interest paid in will amount to approximately half of the principal amount.

The fixed rate mortgage loan rates are often preferable to the adjustable mortgage rates, because the adjustable rates mortgage (ARM) usually starts out with a lower interest rate and then as times come interest adjustments the payments go higher as the interest rates rise. With fixed rate mortgage loan rates the payments always remain the same, which is ideal when you need your monthly payment to fit easily into your monthly budget.

The interest rate might go down before you have to legally lock into it; therefore, if you expect the interest rate to fall before you have to sign on the dotted line you might want to hold off locking in case the interest rate does go down. Even a fraction of a percentage point could make a difference of thousands of dollars over the period of the loan.