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Fixed Rate HELOC Mortgage Quotes


The equity in your home is like money in the bank, in fact you can use the equity in home just like a credit card account. This line of credit is called HELOC, home equity line of credit. To get a HELOC account you must first get fixed rate HELOC mortgage quotes several lending institutions and compare their interest rates. If you are interested in having a huge line of credit, a HELOC account might be right for you. Fixed Rate HELOC mortgage quotes are free, just like other quotes, so it is to your advantage to get up to a dozen or more quotes so you can narrow your search for the lowest of all the fixed rate HELOC mortgage quotes.

Depending on what you qualify for you can possibly get a line of credit up to 75 percent of your home’s value. If your home has been appraised for $150,000 your line of credit could be up to $112,500. The fixed rate HELOC account has a set monthly payment based on the amount you borrow. You use it just like a credit card, but your payments are not fluctuating like a revolving credit account. Most fixed rate HELOC mortgage quotes are based on a 10 year repayment plan

If you want a HELOC account you will need to specify which type you want; there is a revolving credit HELOC, in which the interest rate is variable, and there is the fixed rate HELOC, in which the interest rate is fixed. Some people like the adjustable rate HELOC because the interest rates start out low, and they pay on it just like they would a credit card. Others prefer the fixed rate HELOC because the interest rate stays the same over the term of the loan. If you request fixed rate HELOC mortgage quotes from a mortgage company the broker will send your request to his/her network of lenders. Each of those lenders will forward their quote back to the mortgage company. The mortgage broker will then forward the fixed rate HELOC mortgage quotes back to you.

If you start out with one HELOC equity loan and you want to switch to another you can do so, but there may be a charge to change. This means if you locked into a fixed rate HELOC and then the interest rates go down and you are stuck paying the higher interest rate you can switch, but the lender may charge a penalty fee. A HELOC account can be very attractive to some, because they can live month to month on their line of credit and then just make the payment every month, and if your expenses for that month. Another advantage is that you can make expensive purchases if you want to with this account, where some credit cards have a spending limit. Your spending limit is set also, but it is set by a percentage of the appraised value of your home. Once you have the lowest of all the fixed rate HELOC mortgage quotes in your hand you are ready to sit down with your lender to make out your home equity line of credit account.

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