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Using Bi Weekly Mortgage Calculator Software


Bi weekly mortgage calculator software is free to use, and is provided by most banks and lending companies on their websites. You will find this software essential in planning your strategy for getting a loan approved. The advantage of a biweekly mortgage is that you make 26 half payments, which equates to 13 full sized payments, which equates to an extra full payment each year. In 12 years time you will have paid one hear of extra payments into the principal of your mortgage loan, thereby cutting down on the interest. Over the course of the term of the mortgage, you can save many thousands of dollars on interest, which is like money in the bank for you.

Since the payments on the biweekly mortgage are half payments, the lending company sets up a special account for your half payment to be automatically deducted from your checking account. This option is great for people on a limited budget, because the payments are more affordable. Since they are deducted automatically, you just subtract the payment every month. The extra payment at the end of the year will be subtracted from the principal amount. If you take out a biweekly mortgage, you cannot mail in your payment because lending companies don’t take partial payments. If this kind of loan payment plan appeals to you, go online to access bi weekly mortgage calculator software and fill in the data that it asks for. The bi weekly mortgage calculator is free and easy to use, and helps you design the perfect loan for your budget.

You will be asked questions on the bi weekly mortgage calculator software, such as the amount of the loan you need, your income, your debt and your credit history. When you enter all the data asked for the bi weekly mortgage calculator will do the math and tell you how many half payments you will make, and what those payments will be. You might not get an exact figure on what the payments will be, but you will have an idea. You will know by the calculations if you can afford the payments on the mortgage you are seeking.

It is a good idea to look at dozens of houses and work the figures. Enter the data of each house you are interested in the price range you are interested in. The bi weekly mortgage calculator will do the rest. When you find the payments you feel that you can afford, you can then go to your bank or lending company and get preapproved for a loan. If preapproved, the lending company will give you paperwork on the amount of money you will be able to borrow.

Once you have been preapproved you can start negotiating for your dream house. The bi weekly mortgage calculator will save you lots of time and money, because the software helps to narrow down your choices by the data that you entered into the online data entry form. When you are ready for that mortgage loan, you and your lender can customize your mortgage to fit into your budget and your lifestyle.

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